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Did you know that the quality of your air inside your home could be worse than the air that is outside right now? That’s a pretty scary thought, especially if your home is in an urban center. Traffic pollution, industrial contaminants, or that blooming garden down the street could all be affecting your health right now.

Are you feeling tired more often? Drinking three cups of coffee instead of two? Dealing with a runny nose more often? Using your rescue inhaler more often for your asthma? Then the quality of your air could be to blame. At Clean Breathing, we have a plan to help you get past these bothersome symptoms so you can deal with the heart of your issue.

Particulate contaminants.

What Are Particulate Contaminants and Why Should I Care? 

Pollen. Dust. Dust mite feces.

These are things that could be entering your lungs right now as you’re reading this. To some extent, we’ll always have these things in the air around us, but you can do something about how much of it is there. When you have bothersome physical symptoms, like itchy eyes, a scratchy throat, or insomnia that seems to strike out of nowhere, there’s something that is causing that problem.

More often than not, the issue is the level of particulate contaminants that is in the air.

If left unchecked, these contaminants can begin to cause serious medical issues. Considering the cost of health care these days, any money you can save by avoiding the doctor is worth an investment. That’s why an air purifier could be the right purchase to make.

Air purifiers can take out these particulate contaminants by cycling dirty air through a filtering process to create clean air. Ionizers and ozone can be used for particularly problematic environments which struggle with mold colonies or fungi growth. Odors can be controlled. In return, you get to breathe cleaner air.

That’s something we can all appreciate. Clean air also helps to strengthen an immune system and prevent problematic physical symptoms.

How Do I Find the Best Air Purifier for Me?

Because there are so many options available today when you’re looking for a new air purifier, the shopping process can seem somewhat overwhelming, frustrating, and expensive. At Clean Breathing, we’re looking to change that process so you can quickly identify the right air purifier for you, make your purchase, and collect results as soon as tomorrow if you wish.

We look at the features of each air purifier, from HEPA filtration to ozone production. We show you what room size is appropriate for each model. We’ll explain what a CADR is and why you should care about it.

This way you get to choose what the best air purifier is for your needs instead of having someone try to figure that out for you.

Real reviews. Real trial reports. Real links to public reviews from customers who have already tried an air purifier. This is the best way to make sure you’re improving your indoor air quality in the best way possible.

You deserve to breathe clean air. That’s what we’ll help you do here at Clean Breathing. Let’s get started right now.