Alen Air Purifier Reviews

16. Best Alen Air Purifiers

Helping you live better with pure air. That’s the goal of Alen air purifiers. Their models are designed to remove dust, pet dander, mold, bacteria, and even smoke odors. A lifetime warranty backs up your investment into this brand. Alen is also the only air purifier manufacturer that offers customized colors so your new air purifier can match your décor. It is an air purifier that really is designed around you.

The Best Chart for Alen Air Purifiers

Every Alen air purifier has certain benefits that can help to improve the indoor environment of your home. Some models are built for large rooms. Others are designed for smaller rooms or for your traveling needs. Find the best air purifier for your home in the chart below.

Alen BreatheSmart Fit50 Air Purifier 4.1
Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier 4.2
Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier 4.4
Alen Paralda HEPA Dual Airflow Tower Air Purifier 4.4
Alen T100 HEPA Style Desktop Air Purifier 4.1
Alen BreatheSmart White 2 Pack Customizable Air Purifier 4.4

Alen: A New Manufacturer Bringing New Ideas to Your Home 

Alen is one of the youngest air purifier brands and manufacturers available in today’s market. Founded in 2006, this brand creates best-in-class products with intelligent technologies to make sure that you receive the outcomes you need. Not only does Alen make it easy to select the right air purifier for your home, customers are at the center of every product design.

Alen also believes that excellence is a process. It begins when effective products are designed, then supported by superior sales expertise and services. Every air purifier manufactured by Alen is tested to make sure it works as intended.

The bottom line: Alen believes in the value of a business relationship. A sale isn’t just about making money. It’s about meeting people, improving lives, and making sure there is a certain level of integrity in every interaction. You just won’t find that in other brands these days.

The 4 Point Promise Offered With Every Alen Air Purifier 

  • You receive a lifetime limited warranty with your purchase.
  • There is a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the performance of your new air purifier.
  • You gain access to Alen’s friendly experts that provide you with world class customer service if you have any questions about your new air purifier.
  • Your delivery will be completed as quickly as possible.

Why Buy an Alen Air Purifier? 

By now, you’ve probably done a ton of research on air purifiers. You know there are several features and advantages that each brand brings to the market. Unlike other brands, Alen only makes air purifiers. It’s a top-rated brand on Amazon because these air purifiers are guaranteed to reduce your allergies from dust, pollen, and pet dander.

Did you know that polluted indoor environments can reduce your life expectancy by up to 5 years?  For many homes, the quality of the air inside is worse than the quality of the air outside. Investing into an Alen air purifier can help you make the needed changes to reduce these risks immediately.

What Are the Prices of Alen Air Purifiers? 

Alen air purifiers are one of the most expensive products in the industry today. They are even priced higher than some Dyson air purifiers. You’ll find desktop versions available for under $150, but otherwise you’ll find a price range of $250-$650 depending on the size needed for your home. Sometimes it may be more cost effective to purchase the “Alen Two Pack” if you have multiple rooms that need to have their indoor air quality improved. 

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say? 

Alen Breathesmart Silver

This is the Alen air purifier that you’ll want when you have heavy indoor air quality problems that need to be solved. Turn this air purifier on and you’ll notice changes within the first hour of its operation. The two HEPA-Silver filters are guaranteed to last for up to 2 years before they need to be changed. Smartsensor technologies let this air purifier be able to see when it needs to turn on to help keep your air clean. The annoying high frequency sounds that other air purifiers can make won’t be noticed with this effective unit either so your ears won’t be ringing if you’re in the same room. It covers 800 square feet, is Energy Star certified, but one word of caution – the warranty is only for US customers.

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Alen T500 Tower Air Purifer

When you want specific cleaning power for the air in a common room, then this is the Alen air purifier you’ll want to consider. Priced at about half of the cost of their full-sized units, you’ll still be able to effectively purify the air in up to 500 square feet of space. It’s portable enough that you can also take it with you to avoid those stuffy hotel rooms or you can run it in your RV if you prefer. A 60 day guarantee backs up your purchase so that you’re guaranteed to receive the best-in-class performance this brand offers. If you have allergies that strike at night, put this air purifier in your bedroom and you’ll sleep better the first night. Alen offers four types of HEPA filters individually suited for your needs so you can always receive the exact benefit you need. We highly recommend this air purifier for what it can do.

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Alen Customizable

If you have a small home, say less than 1,100 square feet, then think of this Alen air purifier as a whole home solution for cleaner air. In less than 2 hours, you can be breathing air that is cleaner then you’ve had in years. At 105 watts of power use on its highest setting, this Energy Star certified model won’t cost you a lot to operate full-time either. There are four different filter types that work with this model as well, plus you can have this unit set on automatic so it only runs when it needs to run, prolonging filter life. Like many models with this brand, you also have 14 color options from which to choose so you can specifically match your home décor. It’s a great value purchase when you want cleaner air immediately.

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Alen Paralda

This air purifier is perfect for the bedroom. Not only does it cover 500 square feet of space very effectively, but it’s unique design helps to make sure the filtered air is virtually free of contaminants. That’s because this unit has a dual purified air venting system. The air from your home enters the rear intake, goes through multiple filters, and then clean air is released back into your environment. Whether it’s a strong odor, chemical pollutants, allergy issues, or problems with asthma, you will find that this model adapts to your needs, has light-touch buttons that are easy to control, and is simple to program so you can breathe easy all day – or all night – long.

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Alen T100

This HEPA-style desktop air purifier is one of the most affordable options available from this brand right now. It’s not going to give you a true HEPA experience, but it still removes up to 87% of the particles in your room that are 0.3 microns in size or larger. It’s great for keeping a smaller space clean, rated to operate in rooms of up to 125 square feet. It’s a versatile unit designed to deal with bacteria issues in the air, heavy odor concerns, or even cigarette or cigar smoke. The pre-filter is washable so you can reduce your ongoing maintenance costs and the intuitive touch buttons make this unit easy to control. When it comes to the best Alen air purifier for portability, this is the model you’re going to want to consider.

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Alen 2-Pack

One of the great things about the Alen brand is that they understand purified air doesn’t just need to happen in one specific room. Homes need to have a complete indoor environment that offers a cleaner breathing experience. Because of this, you’re offered the chance to purchase different “packs” of air purifiers to meet your needs. This 2 pack of the BreatheSmart line gives you double the benefits for a reduced price per air purifier. You still get to choose your color scheme and receive the true HEPA filtration options that are available from this brand as well. And if you need more than two air purifiers, you can choose a 3 pack or even a 4 pack if you prefer.

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The best Alen air purifier reviews will help you choose the perfect high-powered solution to improve your indoor air quality starting today. Make the investment and you’ll find that you’ll be paid back with a better night of sleep on a regular basis when one of these air purifiers is running.