How much does it cost to run an air purifier?

Air pollution has become one of the most prevalent problems in our society. It seems as if we can’t escape from it, but luckily, there’s something we can do about it, at least in our own homes. You’ve guessed it, we’re talking about installing an air purifier.

The benefits of such a device are numerous, from fighting pollution, filtering smoke, allergens, mold, dust, and other precarious particles, to fighting odors. Air purifiers are slowly becoming an essential part of our everyday urban living, so installing an air purifier for your whole home might be integral to your health and the health of your loved ones.

When shopping for an air purifier, we can clearly see the price and features, but the question of how much they’ll bump up your utility costs remains undetermined. So, how much does it cost to run an air purifier really?

The air purifying devices are one of the most energy-efficient appliances that you can have in your home or at work. Depending on the capacity of the air purifier, the time you run it, and the airflow speed that you run it at, the air purifiers can consume from around 50 to 100 watts per hour.

Standard Air Purifiers

When it comes to the mathematics of the costs, it all depends on the watts that the device is using, the timespan, the airflow usage of the device, and the local electricity rates.

If, for example, we take the average electricity costs and combine them with the total wattage consumption, then an air purifier that has a power consumption od 90 watts after working for 12 hours will raise your daily electricity bill for $0.16, your monthly electricity bill for $4.80, and your yearly bill for $60. If this powerful air purifier works 24 hours a day, the daily cost will be $0.32, the monthly $9.60, while your yearly cost will amount to $115.20.

If you choose a less powerful air purifier, let’s say the device uses 40 watts of power on average, if it operates 12 hours a day it will raise your electricity bill for $0.07 daily, $6 monthly, and $72 yearly. Or if it runs 24 hours a day it will raise your bill for $0.14 daily, $4.20 monthly, and $50.40 yearly.

Energy-efficient Air Purifiers

What’s more, air purifiers that are Energy-star certified are almost 60% more energy efficient than the standard models, saving consumers about 500 kWh/year and $60 annually on utility costs. This kind of air purifier is much more energy efficient then most of the electronic devices you have at home, even more energy-efficient than your refrigerator, your computer, or any 60-watt light bulb.