How to get Burnt Smell Out of House

There are various reasons that could be causing the burnt smell in your home. They include leaving your food on the stove or in the microwave for too long, burning something while preparing food, tobacco smoke, your fireplace, or smoke from the outside in case of nearby fires.

Whatever the reason is, chances are that you hate the smell, since it can hardly be described as nice, so you’ll want it eliminated as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to remove the burnt, smokey smell from your home.

In this article, we’ll get into more detail on how to get the burnt smell out of the house by following some simple hints and using nothing but items that can be found in any regular household, such as white vinegar. Alongside that, we’ll also take time to discuss how to remove the smokey smell from different places in your home.

How to Remove Burnt Smell From Your House?

In this section, we’ll lead you through some more-or-less basic steps that will help you eliminate the unpleasant, burnt smell from your home, and make it smell fresh. Make sure to follow the guidelines, and your space will soon be smell-free.

Throw Out Burnt Food

In case the bad smell in your home is caused by burnt food, the first step would be to eliminate the source of the smell. Remove the food from the stove or oven, and let it cool down. Now that it’s cold, put it in a plastic bag, and take it out of your home.

Ventilate the Space

Allow fresh air to come inside your home by opening windows and letting the air circulate. We’re sure, you’ve already thought of this one, but it can’t hurt to mention it again. Getting the fresh air from outside should be a routine even if your home doesn’t smell like burnt food and smoke.

Remove Drapes and Curtains

Another important thing we should mention here is the smell’s ability to remain in clothing, carpeting, and fabrics in general. Since we’re talking about the burnt odors in this article, and they usually come from the kitchen, the most exposed fabrics would be the curtains or drapes on the kitchen window.

The next step on our list is to remove and wash them. Mix 2 cups of laundry detergent and some white vinegar ina bucket of cold water. Soak your drapes or curtains into this mixture, and let the vinegar remove the annoying smells stuck in them.

Remove Odors From Walls

We should underline that cleaning any impacted areas of your home is crucial. Most people are unaware of smell’s ability to linger in the walls. This is especially true when speaking of strong smells, such as the smell of burnt food or wood. Luckily, the power of vinegar can offer you plenty of help again.

In a bucket, make a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar. Take a new or clean sponge, soak it in that mixture, and squish it to remove any excess water from it. Next, start wiping down the walls with the above-mentioned mixture, and make sure not to miss any spots or areas. Vinegar will eliminate any smells remaining in the walls. Let your walls dry, and ventilate your space throughout the whole process, so the vinegar smell can evaporate and leave your home.

Baking soda is another way to liberate your walls from annoying odors. To do so, make a baking soda paste, by mixing 3 parts of baking soda with one part of water. Saturate a sponge in the paste and wash your walls from top to bottom. You can even use chlorine bleach before applying baking soda paste, but only if you’re completely sure that it won’t harm the surface or paint on the wall. Test in a small area behind furniture, if you are unsure.

Eliminate Burnt Smell From Furnishing and Upholstery

As stated before, unpleasant smells can linger in fabric for a long time. Spraying a fabric freshener over your furnishing will help temporarily, but to eliminate it completely, you should follow the steps listed below:

  • Wash everything that is washable and removable using a laundry detergent or upholstery shampoo. In case, your item seems like it can’t be cleaned, just hang it outside, and leave it there for a few days, since fresh air might help remove the remaining odors. Remember not to leave it in direct sunlight, to prevent fading.
  • In case you have a leather sofa, chairs, or other furniture, use a mixture of water and white vinegar and gently wipe the surfaces. You can also use soap, but make sure it’s very mild since leather surfaces are very sensitive. Rinse the above-mentioned mixture, or soap, with distilled water, and then carefully dry the area using a soft, clean piece of fabric. Later on, treat the area with a leather conditioner.
  • In case your carpets have soaked in the bad smell, here’s a simple trick. Place baking soda powder freely all over the carpet, and let it sit until tomorrow. On the next day, vacuum the baking soda from the carpet. This should be enough to remove the smokey smell, but in case it’s still there, repeat the process. If the odor still lingers in the carpet, you can also wash it using carpet shampoo. Follow that by filling a few bowls with a mixture of white vinegar and a nice-smelling essential oil or extract (such as vanilla, eucalyptus, lavender, etc.). Keep in mind that carpets tend to absorb smells in great measure, which means they might be very hard to remove. If you couldn’t resolve the problem using soda and vinegar, you might want to consider hiring a professional to clean your carpet.

Remove Smell From the Air

The next tip in our post on how to get the burnt smell out of the house also includes white vinegar. Prepare several cups, or small bowls and fill them up with vinegar. Now, place them around your household, while making sure to choose the smelliest areas.

Leave them there to sit for a few hours, as white vinegar needs some time to overcome the burnt scents you’re experiencing. Areas that are more impacted with smokey odors, will, naturally, require you to leave bowls with vinegar for longer periods of time. The key to vinegar’s success in the struggle with unpleasant smells is the fact that it itself has a strong smell, which is able to dominate over the problematic smells you wish to eliminate.

Make Your Home Smell Nice

Now that the annoying smell or at least most of it is removed, we should move on to the next step. It’s time to make your space smell nice, in order to mask potential remaining smokey odors, and eventually entirely remove them.

Citruses have a potent and pleasant smell, so we’ll first use a few lemons. Slice them up into several pieces, and put them in a pot filled with water. Put them on the stove, and let the mixture slowly boil.

This will allow the smell of lemon to circulate around the house, and eliminate the remaining smokey smell, while also leaving a nice and fresh scent behind. In case you don’t like how lemon smells, we have great news! You can also use lavender, vanilla, cinnamon sticks, or pretty much any natural item with a pleasant smell.

Final Words

This marks the end of our guideline on how to remove the burnt smell from your home. Make sure to follow the steps and tips listed above, and your house will smell fresh in no time. We hope you like the post and find it helpful. In case you have any questions on the subject, or simply want more information about a particular point, feel free to post a comment below, and we’ll be happy to respond.