Where to Place My Air Purifier?

So you found the air purifier that meets your needs and budget but you’re not exactly sure where to place it. You’re probably looking for that perfect spot; a location where the device will be most efficient in fighting pollution and unwanted odors, and that’s exactly what we’ll cover in this article.

We’ll give you advice that’ll help you choose the best place for your air purifier, including the best room and the best position in the room so that you can get the most out of your air purifier and increase its effectiveness.

We’ll start with air purifying systems and continue with single-room air purifiers, so let’s get into it.

Air Purifying Systems

Air purifiers for your whole house guarantee full protection from smoke, allergens, mold, dust, other precarious particles, and unpleasant odors in every single room of your house. Installing these powerful air purifiers is the best way to protect your health and the health of your loved ones.

There are three types of air purifying systems for your whole house.

  • Central model. This system works by placing large air purifier units in your home. These powerful air cleaning units should be positioned in a place that can provide maximum circulation of the air, like in your hallway, your living room, or some other room where the air purifier has enough space to filter the air of the whole house.
  • Split model. This system filters outdoor air before bringing it into your home, removing contaminated air particles and odors in the process. For maximum efficiency, place these filters close to a big wall and 8 to 10 feet above the floor.
  • HVAC Installation. This air purifying system works in combination with your central air conditioning system. The purification of the air happens in the central ventilation which provides you with purified and conditioned air.

Although air purifying systems bring a lot of benefits to your home, they are more on the expensive side, so they’re more suitable for people who own their house and want to make a long term investment in their home.

Single Room Air Purifiers

If you decide to use a single room air purifier, finding the right spot to install it can be tricky. It’s usually placed close to the source of pollution or the source of the unwanted odor which can come from different rooms in the house.

The Living Room

As a general rule, air purifiers should be placed in the room you spend the most time in, which is why most people put their air purifiers in the living room. This is usually the most spacious room in the house and the best place to socialize, so if you spend most of your time in this room, it’s definitely the best spot to install your purifier and feel its benefits.

The Kitchen

The kitchen might also be a good location because most of the bad scents in your house usually come from there. Whether it’s a garbage can, food that has gone bad, or someone’s cooking, the odors that are produced in the kitchen can spread all over the house. If you want to fight these odors, place the air purifier close to the source of the odor. This way, the appliance will be more efficient in trapping and processing the particles that produce it so that the odor is contained and doesn’t spread further.

The Bedroom

Placing an air purifier in the bedroom is also a good option. We spend the whole night there, plus the benefits of sleeping in a room that is free from dust, mold, allergens, and other particles can be very beneficial for your health. Not to mention that the soothing sound of the purifier can help you fall asleep faster. If you would like to invest in your sleep, here are several quiet air purifiers that you might like for your bedroom.

Best Spot in the Room to Place Your Air Purifier

Whatever room you choose to place your air purifier in, it’s very important to find the right spot in order to get the best results.

Placing your air purifier close to the doorway will allow it to catch all the pollution that enters the house. So, instead of wasting energy filtering the contaminated air in another room, it’ll take care of the pollutants as soon as someone enters or exits your house.

Another good place to put your air purifier in is close to the windows so that the polluted air is filtered as soon as it gets in the room.

You can also place your air purifier on your biggest wall. If your intention is placing the air purifier here, then keep in mind that you should buy a unit with an air intake on the front and an outlet on the top. Don’t forget to leave 1 to 2 feet of free space on all sides so it can operate efficiently.

What to Avoid When Placing Your Air Purifier

When placing the air purifier, you should always have the coverage area in mind. Do not place a small and weak purifier in a large room, although it can be ok to place a big and powerful purifier in a small room. The first one will not work properly and the second one is not rational. Weak purifiers in large rooms won’t filter the air efficiently and the pollution will stay in your personal space. Big purifiers in small rooms, on the other hand, should be fine as most air purifiers include sensors to detect the level of pollution in the air and increase or reduce their fan speeds to accommodate.

Also, try to avoid placing the device in corners and tight spaces. The air purifier needs an open space to achieve its full capacity so it can capture the dirty air and filter it. That is why corners and tight spaces with lots of furniture are definitely not a good place for your device. The purifier will not be efficient in doing its job and the air will not be effectively filtered.