Which pets have the least odor, which have the most?

Having a pet companion at home has some indisputable benefits. From the mood-boosting powers of your fur baby to the stress relief and company they provide, pets’ positive impact on health welfare is even backed by science. That being said, we all know what a mess pets can be.

One of the main challenges as a pet owner is eliminating pet odor in the house. While bad smells from your pets usually signals health issues, some pets are simply smellier than others.

Are you about to choose your new pet and wondering which pets have the least odor and which have the most? There is hardly a consensus out there. Read on for our take on stinky pets.

What Causes Pet Odor?

Natural pet odor usually comes from bodily fluids and gland secretions. Footpads in mammals contain glands that produce a strong odor familiar to most dog owners.

Pet odor can also be caused by bacterial buildup in areas such as the ears, skin, or mouth. Most of the time, a bad smell implies a bacterial or yeast infection or an even more serious health issue. For instance, strong, foul-smelling breath in cats is a reason to pay a visit to the vet.

Of course, sometimes healthy pets too can find their own ways to make your home reek. In such cases, the first challenge is to locate the source of the stench and then clean it up.

What Are the Least Smelly Pets?

Rabbits are arguably greater cuddlers than cats and they require way less effort in caring than dogs. The best part? Rabbits are among the least smelly pets! Any foul odor means your bunny might be sick or improperly cared for.

Another good news are chinchillas, as these low-maintenance cuties are essentially odor-free. Even their poop isn’t particularly stinky!

Cats are famous for keeping their body clean, although some people find an issue with the persistent litter box smell. Clearly, this isn’t enough of a reason to give up on the idea of cuddling a kitty in your home. You could easily get an air purifier for pets to help you eliminate the lingering litter box smell in your house. Wisely choosing the litter sand and regular cleaning up can also help.

Which Pets Are the Stinky Ones?

You should be careful if you’re considering getting an exotic pet. Topping the pet stink list are ferrets. This playful and curious domesticated animal has a very persistent, distinctive smell coming from its skin glands. Not everyone finds the smell unbearable, but it is definitely there. Other stinky pets to watch out for are raccoons, guinea pigs, hermit crabs, or some snakes.

Among dogs, some breeds are stinkier than others. Boxers, the famous farters, or English bulldogs and the Shar-Pei all have a reputation as smelly dog breeds. Cocker spaniels are also notorious thanks to their long, oily coat requiring regular and meticulous care.


Some pets, such as rabbits can be both rewarding cuddlers and non-smelly. Cats are generally considered to fare better than dogs, that is if you keep their litter box clean. The stinkiest pets are found among the exotic types, with ferrets topping the list. Whatever your choice, though, there are all sorts of modern solutions like pet hair removers and air purifiers for pets.

If you are curious about the topic of air purifiers in general, you can always head to our blog and learn more.